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Research on Dance Performance and Practice V. Foundations in Playwriting II. Key topics include traditional security and non-traditional security, the cause of wars and conflicts, international political economy, globalization and other issues of global significance. It also enables students to explore Asian culture through the reading texts. Communication skills for use by teachers in the classroom, intended for those students planning to enter the education field. The process of dancing arts needs music and song.

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This course discusses about comparative analysis of representative regions of the world with emphasis on cultural, political, environmental and physical diversity. It also enables students to explore Asian culture through the reading texts.

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This course discusses the most important changes that the world faced in the 20 th century, highlighting important dates and events and the countries involved. Occupational Health and Safety. Etheernet Foundation Year class is an intensive seminar to help students develop their ideas through reading and writing. It deals with theories and practices in school administration and supervision. An overview of Japanese history, culture, economics and politics from ancient to modern times.

Learners will gradually learn methods that will allow them to adapt and progress in authentic reading comprehension situations. This course provides an understanding of information diffusion theory as an explanation of the process through which new ideas innovations spread over time via communication channels among the members of a social system.


Child-friendly schools aim to develop a learning environment in which children are motivated com0001 able to co001. Negotiations are an important element of international politics. This introduces further studies on Chinese society in a historical and cultural context.

The art of Khmer dance has rules of style composition.

Students will be offered intensive practice eethernet every stage of the writing process from generating ideas to final proof-reading. The politics of Southeast Asia, from past to present. It will provide a specialized and detailed examination, founded on Communication Theory, of the elements of effective business communication and interpersonal communication in the workplace.

Presentation Skills and Public Speaking. Rural and Urban Development.

The course will explore in details into various ethwrnet of education law, in comparison to the constitution, and discuss varying degrees in which the law and actual practice have in common in Cambodia. This is a specialized course for etherneh considering teaching as career; it concentrates on the methodology of teaching English as a foreign language. This introduces microprocessors, including their architecture; and assembly language and machine language programming, using C and Java for example.

This introduces the work of philosophers and critics who have analyzed the role of art in society. Non-Formal Education and Education-For-All schemes are designed to provide adult literacy and etherneh for those already out of school. Includes case studies of specific economies, and the study of reform and transformation of economic systems, especially capitalism and socialism.


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This course aims to equip students with an understanding of the principles and theories of co,001 design model. Responsibilities and Freedom of Speech in Communication. An examination of how Asia views itself, and how non-Asians render the Asian experience through film. This course teaches the skills of interpretation and translation, and students will learn how to avoid ambiguity and confusion.

Students will be divided into groups, which each group will create and perform for 5 minutes com00 on their small research topic. The major artists and movements of Khmer Art will be examined from artistic, social and political angles.

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Khmer Dance Theory and Research. Practice and evaluation of the method of Chinese writing. Foundations in Playwriting I.

Students learn another higher level of professional acting techniques. This develops on the themes in DRA Go to LD and stat elnk.