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It also showed DMA mode 6 under under the advanced tab. HI can you help me out guys. I guess the sharp drop was due to TRIM doing its job. Awesome glad I could help. Once I did that it works fine.

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When it comes to drivers, AMD is still a shitty company. Thanks for the updates. I had to manually update the driver in device manager and point it to where the installer extracted the drivers. LH — for bit and LH64A — for bit.

Please, correct your blog post and save us all from wasting our time trying to fix things the wrong way. But not with ahci.

Click on “Close” and then reboot your system. Make sure the box for “Include subfolders” is checked then click on “Next”.

Comparing the following line of the. The AMD catalyst installer wont deinstall the ahci driver and northbridge driver it itself installed. And thank you also unlimitedpl for the direct link to the drivers.


Drivers for: AMD G/SB + AHCI + RAID (Asus MB) – – An Overclocking Community

The procedure is actually very simple if explained without step-by-step instructions detailed raidd other posts: Click on “Browse my computer for driver software” and then browse to where the AMD installer extracted the files. Simply put — run the most current driver package install, then cancel it. You might want to test it out. Once I did that it works fine.

I used the info you gathered here to initially bump my driver version from 1. Please type your message and try again. The next thing was a BSOD at boot. This fixed my issue as well. This allowed me to get the thing to boot and I was able to take care of the rest by installing some older ones. I managed to get it to install and work with the Vista Browse the extraction path for the above package: I heard a lot of urban legends about the Windows Update service that messes up your machine.


AMD SB/SB AHCI RAID Driver Download

You whci to link rot while both your links are broken! Yes, the AMD program will install the drivers correctly after you make the edits.

Read below for Win 7 and Win 8. Until Microsoft delivered a 3rd party driver update via an optional package.

AMD SB700/SB750 AHCI RAID Driver 3.1.1540.127 Windows Vista(x32.x64)

This discussion is locked. As of today that was Follow the instructions above but completely ignore everything to do with Why the F is this? I did a fresh install of Windows 10 and still had the same problem. I had the lack of inspiration to check that too instead of simply ignoring it, like I usually do with Bing Desktop and Silverlight. Go to original post.